How Much should A Man Spend on A Wedding Ring?

“Money cannot buy emotions” is an old dictum, but when it comes to choosing diamond wedding rings, what is the ideal amount is a mind-boggling question! So have a quick look at the points below when a wedding is on the cards.

What is the Right Amount to Be Spent on Diamond Wedding Rings or Diamond Wedding Bands?

“Someone who loves you will continue to stand by you no matter what your financial standing is”. Sounds like a statement for a mushy love story? Well, you cannot deny the statement completely, but need to give some rationality to it as well.

The day you decide to get hitched and plan to propose, you need to have a diamond wedding ring to get down on the knees and how much should you spend on the ring is a subjective question.  Saving three months salary for buying a diamond wedding ring is no longer the rule to swear by. With numerous options available in the jewelry stores, you can pick the one that fits your budget.  Go through the following points to have an idea about the same:

  • As per Bride’s American Wedding Study, the average amount spent by couples on diamond wedding rings in 2020 was $3756 which was far less than what the couples spent in 2018. This shows a clear shift in the preferences of young couples. Hence, going into financial debt for diamond wedding rings/ diamond wedding bands is no longer an ideal concept of a fairytale wedding. Your financial strength matters and talking explicitly about it with your partner can help you in picking a ring that makes a difference.
  • Diamonds are elegant and there is no denying the fact. But who says a sapphire wedding ring looks dull? Explore the options available in the market and choose rubies, emeralds etc for your BIG DAY.
  • While selecting the diamond wedding ring, you need to focus on the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat). Different permutations and combinations of these factors can help you in designing a ring that solves your purpose without pinching you.
  • Since the diamond wedding ring or diamond anniversary bands are not ordinary rings and the focus is on the centre stone, you should choose smartly so that the centre stone gets the attention it deserves.

If you are still wondering how much you should spend, talk to our experts and they will help you.

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